Animal psychology

Generally the behaviour of the wild animals like Elephants, Boar,Deer, Rats, Rabbits, Porcupine, Monkeys, Squirrels, Gaur, Nilgai and wild birds like Peacock is to eat the agricultural crops grown far away by sensing the smell of crops.

Humans vs. Animals

Wild Animals have the high sensing ability which is several times higher than humans. We ,the humans may not be able to sense an odour of the agricultural crops like banana, sugarcane, fruits, flowers,vegetables from very far distance. But animals will be able to sense the end produce odour during matured stage of the crop or during its harvest stage even from 0.5 to 1 km away. This ability makes them to move towards the field where those crops are grown.

4 Reasons on how they move towards the agriculture fields. There will be many other reasons also.Few are as below:

Conditions Before human wildlife conflict During human wildlife conflict
Wildlife Corridors It was not disturbed without any breaks in-between Movement corridors is disturbed and continuous stretches is seen with Agriculture fields or constructions like resorts and etc in between
Agriculture fields Cannot see near foothills of the forest Large piece of agriculture lands are seen actively cultivating several kinds of produce very near the forest foothills
Agricultural crops grown near forest foothills Generally farmers were growing crops like turmeric & other items which don’t attract the wild animals & wild birds Mostly crops like banana, sugarcane, millets, vegetables & fruits are grown which easily attracts the wild animals & wild birds
Resources inside forest Wild fruits in plenty was available. Water ponds inside forest and nearby was usually filled or available to quench its thirst Due to drought, water ponds are mostly seen dry or with very less water which makes the animals to move out of forest cover and move towards the agriculture fields seen nearby.


Top 5 Protection methods on how farmers are protecting their crops from wild animals & wild birds

S.No Protection Methods for wildlife Effectiveness
1 Trenches on borders of the agriculture fields mainly done to prevent wild elephant intrusion If not maintained properly during rainy seasons, trenches tends to narrow down by soil erosion and the animals cleverness makes them to easily cross it using wooden logs or by jumping
2 Local practice of using hairs collected from barber shops and spread near the crops to protect wild boars It is used to damage in other areas or the shoots of the crop. Wild Boars generally dig the soil being nocturnal. Even if the shoots are damaged instead of roots, the crop will die. Moreover doing this practice by farmers on large areas of land is not practically possible.
3 Electric fence to protect elephants, boars, deers, nilgay& etc Cleverness of the animals like elephants makes it to damage the fence using broken wood logs or hard branches broken from near by trees. Wild boar tries to cross the fence with its maximum force & speed damaging the fence lines. Deers easily jumps the fence. Moreover electric fence being an offence, very few fields can be heard using it as a protection
4 Poisonous chemicals sprinkled on the border of the fields to act as mouse repellent, mouse control, mice exterminator, mice deterrent, rabbit repellent, rabbit deterrent, rat repellent whichever the way the farmers name it Many such poisonous chemicals are being banned and further usage is getting difficult
4 Traps with wires, bait are used by farmers to get rid of rats, rabbits It is not a fool proof method since rats & rabbits continue to damage the crops in different places where traps are not placed. Even if it is trapped using several traps in field, cost of the traps becomes more for farmers.


Crop protection methods for pest & insects practiced by most of the farmers

S.No Protection methods for pest in general or pest solutions Effectiveness considered by farmers in general
1 Chemical pesticides sprayed on crops in short intervals absolute pest control
2 Bio pest repellents sprayed on crops Preventive pest control
3 Bio pest repellents prepared in own farms and sprayed on the crops Affordable pest control
4 Natural herbal leaf extracts which are very bitter Eco pest control
5 Planting specific attractant crops on borders so that pest gets infested in that place alerting the farmers easily.It is considered as advanced pest control and traditional pest control methods. Planting specific attractant crops on borders so that pest gets infested in that place alerting the farmers easily Advanced pest control & traditional pest control.


Reasons why present solutions are not sustainable :

Present solutions tried by farmers to control rats, deter rabbits,wildlife protection, solve human wildlife conflict, control porcupine damage, deer damage, wild boar damage, monkey control are not sustainable because people miss to understand the cause & effect.

The root cause is due to disturbance created in the wild animal movement corridor by humans and cultivating wild animal attracting crops near foothills of the forest.

Second biggest mistake farmers do is not understanding the wild animal behaviour. Wild elephants control, rat repellent, rat deterrent, squirrel control, rabbit deterrent, deer deterrent, porcupine repellent, monkey control &etc are not helping the farmers to protect their crops continuously because all the solutions available in the market try to divert the wildlife temporarily.

Wild animals tend to move towards the agricultural crops grown nearby because of the odour emitted from the crop. Wild animals having very high sensing ability helps them to know when the crops reach ripening stage or harvest stage and move towards it and consume the crop or damage it.

Our Innovative Solution:

HERBOLIV+Bio liquid produced using a combination of different botanical extracts and other natural products.

The Innovation helps to mask the odour of the crop and makes the crop non- palatable for wild animals. This makes the wildlife to change its direction and move to different place nearby.

This solution may sound simple but the challenge is to ensure the crop quality, animal health without creating any adverse impact on the environment.

Our Innovation helps to keep the eco system intact. It helps to retain the organic nature of the crop. It helps to improve yield and shelf life of the end produce. It helps to improve soil fertility by improving the biological properties of the soil and helps for profile root growth thus helping the roots to absorb the nutrients quickly. It helps for wildlife protection.

Can be used for all kind of crops. (cash crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, tea, coffee, greenhouse crops, etc)


Innovative Application Method using automatic timer controlled battery operated fogger method


Herboliv+ is tested & certified by Tamilnadu Agriculture University (TNAU), Coimbatore

Test Certificate by Tnau


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