S.No Farmer Name Place Crop/Crop Age Distance from forest area Animal intrusion Economic loss due to animal intrusion Expense/Acre to control Animal Intrusion by using Innovative Herboliv+ Yield Improvement /Pest control/disease control Economic savings because of using Herboliv+
1 Venkatachalam Yercaud Groundnut/100 days old crop Adjoining an hostel where 30 monkeys are dwelling Monkey & wild boar 40% yield loss ( Rs.18,000/acre, as yield will be 1.5 ton/acre generally @ 30/kg as on 7.9.15 + Rs.10,0000 for crackers to control for last 2 months. Rs.2600/acre/month ( can be used in last 2 months as animal intrusion will only be during that period.) Looks healthy, but cant assess growth as it is used in last stages of growth Rs.22,800/acre