An Organic herbal liquid used in agriculture

Helps to reduce METHANE emission from biomass materials and in paddy fields.


  • Produced with a unique formula that helps for healthy plant growth (all crops) at very less cost.
  • The Cost Benefit Ratio (C:B) for any crops used is considerably high compared with other bio products or when compared with in-organic inputs.
  • Innovation in process and formula helps to deliver this product at a very affordable cost to the users


It helps for plant growth, controls all kinds of pest, fungal disease and improves soil fertility and water retention.

Repels rat, peacock. It increases the yield and improves shelf life of end product.
Testimonials For:
For Banana
For Paddy
For Sugarcane
For Cotton
For Flowers
For Turmeric
For Watermelon
For Mulberry and Betal Leaf (Mealy Bug)
For Tapiaco